Law school is a highly demanding experience that produces stress even in the most competent and self-confident students. 工作量很大, 竞争可能会很激烈, 对业绩的反馈也很有限, 尤其是第一年. 虽然压力不能完全消除, you can ease the pressure by developing realistic expectations, 适应你的个人需求, 努力保持工作与生活的平衡. You succeeded in getting into law school and you will continue on a successful path if you combine a healthy scholastic attitude with common sense. 在劳伦斯的年代. Krieger, 一位研究人员和法学教授观察到, “The universal fallacy is that the road to happiness runs through the top of the class.”

关注非竞争性, achievable goals such as doing your personal best and learning as much as you can, will do more to ensure your success and happiness than will striving to please others and pushing into the top 10 percent. While it’s true higher grades make it easier to get interviews and usually equate with higher entry-level salaries, high grades don’t necessarily translate into a more satisfying career. Psychologists and economists concur that pay is only one of numerous determinants of job satisfaction, and many of these other factors are actually more critical than income.

Other stressors that are less readily apparent involve learning to “think like a lawyer” through which you master the analytical function separate from your values, 情绪, 和信仰, 还有那些训练你寻找弱点的课程, 反击你对手的位置, 保卫你自己. 虽然这些都是正当的职业工具, it is easy to become so absorbed in learning and practicing these new skills that they spill over into other aspects of one’s life. Your sense of self depends upon your ability to remain aware and accepting of your values, 信仰, 和感受, and a must win/be right mentality and critical approach will surely harm your relationships.

Reserving time to relax and socialize is necessary to maintain a healthy balance during law school, 但是经常食用食物, 酒精, 赌博, or video games to escape the academic “grind” can create additional stress and lead to addiction in the long-term. 在计划空闲时间的活动时, include friends and seek physical ways to relieve stress such as walking, 骑自行车, 按摩, 和保龄球, 除了电影, 体育, 餐, 和其他娱乐活动. Keep in mind that if tension is building to a high level during the week, the work of law school is not the cause—more likely it’s the anxieties and self-imposed pressures mentioned earlier. 除非你改变态度, no amount of “blowing off steam” on the weekends will improve the situation.


作为法学学生, you are valued members of the legal community who are eligible to access services provided by the 新墨西哥州的博天堂官网游戏s and Judges Assistance Program (NMJLAP). NMJLAP offers confidential professional and peer assistance to help you identify and address problems with 酒精 and other drugs, 抑郁症, 以及其他精神健康/情绪障碍. NMJLAP’s purpose is to help reduce the public harm caused by impaired members of the legal profession and to improve the health and welfare of its members by facilitating early intervention and treatment.

你在努力维持工作与生活的平衡吗? Are the episodes of excessive drinking, overeating, or 赌博 becoming routine? 你是否担心过自己“团结一致”的能力?如果你或你的同学有共鸣的话, 要知道你并不孤单,NMJLAP在这里提供帮助. 打电话给博天堂官网游戏平台,讨论你的担忧和探索你的选择, 看看其他的NMJLAP网络资源.




An individual in recovery helping another creates a powerful relationship that can have a tremendous impact on the healing process. An attorney who has “been there” can ease the initial fears of law students and provide unique support and direction. Call NMJLAP at (505) 228-1948 for more information and referrals to peer advisors.


这个小组将在每周一晚上通过Zoom开会. The intention of this support group is the sharing of anything you are feeling, 挣扎的试图管理或挣扎的. 这是一种与同事联系的方式, to know you are not in this alone and feel a sense of belonging. 博天堂官网游戏平台笑,博天堂官网游戏平台哭,博天堂官网游戏平台可以在一起. 请求变焦链接

除了, a listserv has been developed by the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP) to provide a confidential email vehicle for law students who want to get, 或保持, 在法学院的时候戒了毒. This is an opportunity for students to connect with and ask questions of their law school peers throughout the US and share their experience, 强度, 和希望. To be added, interested law students should contact NHLAP's Executive Director, Cecile B. 酒吧tigan,直接在 info@lapnh.org. Students should be prepared to talk a bit about their history and about their need and desire to communicate with other law students facing similar challenges. Matthew will make the final determination to add a student to the listserv and will provide each student with the rules and regulations regarding use of the “Students in Recovery 其实.” When a student graduates and is admitted to the 酒吧, he/she will be removed from the listserv.